Software Quality Assurance : Necessary or Not

"Software testing is a sport like hunting, it's bughunting." -Amit Kalantri Basically, Software QA is a way to evaluate whether the software developed has met the client's requirements or not. Not only to make sure the clients are satisfied, Quality Assurance's other objective is to make sure the apps that have been initiated and developed perform well. Although there has been a dissent to confirm whether the QA Engineer position in an industry is necessary or not, many industries, especially startups have offered a QA Engineer position with a competitive salary. Below will be explained why software QA is important : 1. Human errors can't be avoided It's rational sometimes for humans to do the wrong mistakes, but sometimes small mistake can prove to be costly. Although it has been said that not all the risk can be avoided when we implement software QA, risks still implementing software QA will reduce the risk that might come up during the development process. One of the techniques of software QA, Automation testing, has been proved to reduce human errors in quality control. 2. Maintain quality and competitiveness of product Industry, especially the tech industry, simply can't tolerate any fault with a product that has been released and used by many people. It's slightly understandable if the bugs of the production product are just minor bugs that don't affect the functionality of the products. By implementing software QA, the industry can maintain quality and a high standard of product, and it will end up as an advantage for the industry building its own reputation. 3. Client's satisfaction Talking about business is all about a client's satisfaction. QA in the development part is to make sure all the product's features give the best user experience for the clients. Because one little bug or errors will cause inconvenience for the client. Not only in the tech industry, all the industry should implement the Quality Assurance phase in order to measure and make sure the end product meets the client's requirements. Hope this article can build a deeper understanding of the importance of Software

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