automation testing : a real life saver

"Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency." -Bill Gates Based on how the test is executed, there are two ways to deliver software testing : Manual testing and Automation Testing. Manual testing is a test executed by humans by sitting in front of the computer and doing various kinds of input and trying to compare whether the output results match the expected result. Unlike manual testing which might be time consuming, in Automation Testing, test cases are executed with the assistance of scripts and software. This will save humans from the boredom that is caused by manual testing. Furthermore, automation testing is believed to be a more reliable way to do software testing. However, like a coin which had two sides, implementing automation testing in industry has gained a lot of pros and cons. Many opinions and points of view are needed in order to determine whether automation testing is necessary or not. The pros can be explained below : 1. Automation testing is more reliable than manual testing. As it has been clarified, as the opposite of manual testing which is executed by humans cause a probability of human error, automation testing relies on script, tools and software to execute its test case. 2. Automation testing is significantly faster. When a test case is executed manually, usually it is really time-consuming. But once automation tests are created, they can be run over and over again. This has already shown a much faster way to do software testing. Also, as a plus point, involving industry in automation testing means it can directly be a cost-saving decision. The contrary to automation testing is : 1. Big investments are needed to implement it. Investments such as the tools, software, and also the ability to understand the basis of automation testing by the engineer are pretty much needed in order to implement automation testing. For the industry which is in the transition phase of migrating from manual to automation testing, training by an expert is a great way to save the engineer from confusion of tool-handling. Though automation testing gains pros and cons, it is still one of the considerations for the tech industry to migrate from manual to automation testing. Hope this article can build a deeper understanding of why we should migrate to automation testing.

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